Thank you for taking some time with Palmiye Australia Pty Ltd.

Venues and properties often have outdoor areas that are under utilised or not used during unpleasant weather conditions. We introduce our premium range of world class products to create luxurious outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed all year round.

Palmiye has established a strong reputation in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America for innovative design, application of contemporary technologies and great customer service. (Worlds largest awning project in 2002, anti air system in 2006, integrated drainage in 2006, insulated ceiling cover in 2009) to name a few milestones.

With a range of proprietary pergolas, cassette awnings, eternal blinds, glass systems and bioclimatic pergolas we have the widest range of retractable pergola designs and solutions in the world and will satisfy your entire needs from a single residential installation to a substantial commercial project.

Palmiye Australia now introduces these virtues along with local knowledge to Australia.

With an elaborate array of products, design support and installation services, Palmiye Australia can help you satisfy your imagination and heart’s desire when it comes to enhancing that outdoor terrace, courtyard, rooftop, patio or recreational area.

The introduction of Palmiye products create the opportunity for a Four Season Lifestyle. Attaining this outcome may be quite satisfying in a personal sense not to mention the additional commercial value when adding Palmiye products to your home or other properties.

The comprehensive brochures will introduce you to the exciting range of products available from Palmiye Australia such as:

  • Retractable Pergolas: 11 models available in 36 installation formats. Customizable with a range of ceiling covers (I.E selection of colours, materials, fabric, insulated covers, 3d patterns, e.t.c), integrated L.E.D lighting systems, wind/sun sensors and smartphone integration and automation.
  • Retractable Awning Systems: 3 models available in 6 installation formats. Customizable with a range of colour options and with optional wind sensors, sun sensors and in remote control motorized and non-motorized.
  • Outdoor Blinds: 2 vertical blinds available in 4 installation formats. Customizable with a range of colour options and with optional wind sensors, sun sensors and in remote control motorized and non-motorized.
  • Glass Systems: 4 folding glass systems, 4 sliding glass systems, 5 fixed and adjustable glass systems, and 3 glass door systems. Customizable with a range of sizes, glass colours and handle types. The most exciting of this range is probably the adjustable parapet system, being a glass parapet that can be opened and closed vertically depending on weather conditions.
  • Retractable Louvres 1 model available that can be combined in modules with a flexible and compact structural design.
  • Louvred Pergolas 1 model available in 2 installation formats.

Steel and aluminum are powder coated in our modern facilities and available in a range of standard RAL and metallic finishes, along with faux wood effects, let your imagination propel the custom colour selection process.

We have an extensive range of documentation and information detailing the installation methods, components, technical specifications and product certifications. For architectural and drafting firms we have CAD and PDF production drawings available.

For custom and large projects we have a team of in-house architects and engineers at our head office who are on hand to assist design firms with the design, computer modeling and simulation testing.

For clients without a design firm Palmiye Australia can assist with design, drafting, submitting documents for building and planning approval and subsequent installation process.

In closing my team and I are always focused on creating the best possible solution for our clients, I look forward to further discussions.

With Regards,

Krishna Pryor