Ever felt like a space at your home was missing something? Is the backyard area too open?
Does your front entrance impression seem lackluster?

Although at first, it may not seem practical, a few pergola design ideas could be all you need!

An open frame metal pergola can:

  • Shade an area without obstructing air flow
  • Add lights and protection on inclement weather
  • Provide a structure for vegetation to grow/hang

Below you can find 6 great ideas on the effect of a open roof on specific areas.

1. Entrances

Any home’s entry is often the first impression point; The idea of a pergola is a perfect way to frame the doorway into your lovely home. As pergolas are a frame-type structure, you can be flexible with how you design it around the façade of your home.

For a more practical use, having a roofed pergola at the doorway of your home will allow for a better time in less pleasant weather conditions.

2. Outdoor BBQ Areas

Throwing a sizzle, having friends over and enjoying a few beers is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Australian weekend. Enjoying these gatherings outdoors allows for people to get a bit messy and leaves the hosts with less of a clean-up hassle!

You should be wary of height clearance when building over a barbeque and ensure that all materials used for the pergola comply with fire ratings for outdoor use.

Typically a gable roof type structure is used for such areas, utilising the higher ceiling for airflow. These use often use metal as a primary construction material.

3. Pergola Over a Pool

Having a portion of a pool shaded cools down the area and regulates the temperature during hot summers. It also allows for a mediation point for pool access so it saves people from burning their feet on the scorching pavement before jumping in!

Besides – it’s a great way to frame the pool, a feature of the house.

If you’re really willing – a completely covered pool can allow for around the year use, great for heated pools.

4. Middle of the lawn

Everyone needs some personal space from time to time, having a standalone pergola provides that sense of isolation that people need to be able to think in their own space. It creates a breakaway point from the main building, a breath of fresh air when you don’t want to leave home.

These can often serve as an architectural feature in your garden accentuating a luscious green lawn by the flower garden or even function as a tea area.

5. Green Areas

Historically, open frame timber pergolas were used by Romans to grow vines for wine making, hence they make the perfect structure for plants to grow on. As vines grow quite fast, they can cover the pergola with natural shading, creating a garden corridor – an often sought out space for many plant loving home owners.
Having a long open corridor pergola with vines growing can add a great spatial experience to your home.

6. The Backyard

Last but not least, typically a lounge set up outside of the home allowing for the comfort of outdoor living. Enjoy the sun while reading a book outside or drink a glass of red, doing things outside is more pleasant than indoors when the weather is nice.
A roofed pergola will allow for the space to be used all year round regardless of weather – you can even put more delicate furniture such as a couch outdoors for greater comfort.

Open pergola design idea, it will allow for the space to breath, and serves as a great way to blend the passage between the inside and out.