Pergola Coral
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Embracing your home and your family, Coral is a beautiful addition to your abode.

The perpendicular roof and soft contours provide a welcome retreat from which you can watch the world go by!


Palmiye presents a broad range of Ceiling Covers with a wide selection of colours, patterns and elegant designs imported from the USA, Austria and France, and all with 5 years guaranty against fading and mould.
FS Flexy
Flexy green_1480 Green FS-1480
grey_1260 Grey FS-1260
cream_1230 Cream FS-1230
white_1210 White FS-1210
FS Flexy 3D
flexy_3d green_1480 Green 3D-1483
grey_1260 Grey 3D-1263
cream_1230 Cream 3D-1233
white_1210 White 3D-1213
Stam 6002
stam_6002 navi_20189 Navy -20189
bordeaux_20186 Bordeaux -20186
vanille_10387 Vanille -10387
white_1210 White -20183
Ferrari W96
ferrariw96 black_2047 Black W96-2047
grey_2171 Grey W96-2171
sandy_1103 Sandy W96-1103
white_1210 White W96-8102
izo fer_grey_1269 FER-Grey PRO-1269
white_1210 FER-White PRO-1258
white_1210 SAT-White PRO-1218
Flexy TEX
flexy_tex coal_10087 Coal Tweed-10087
wheat_2015 Wheat -2015
Soltis 86
soltis_86 black_2053 Black 86-2053
concrete_2167 Concrete 86-2167
alu_2048  Alu 86-2048
turquoise_50271  Turquoise 86-50271
champagne_2175  Champagne 86-2175
white_2044 White 86-2044


Internationally renowned Somfy motors from France are used to operate all of our products. Guaranteed for 5 years and using RTS technology, the motors can be operated at the simple touch of a button.remotesPALMIYE APPS
We are proud to present our own MyPalmiye App which has been designed specifically for Palmiye products and is available at Apple’s App store. Now you can take full control of your Palmiye experience and choose from several options, directly from your iPhone or iPad.These include:- Retract the Ceiling Cover.
– Dimming the lights.
– Control the Awnings & Blindsapple-store-download


Each of our products is hand crafted and in itself unique. From the canvas to the construction material, you can completely customize your product. Distinguished by their design, durability and state-of-the-art detailing, all of our products are certified by TUV and ISO.The innovation spirit of Palmiye spurs us on to constantly reach new horizons.


All our products have up to 5 years guarantee for the construction, motor and fabric. The electronics and remote controls are guaranteed for 2 years. Distinguished by their design, durability and state-of-the-art detailing, all our products are certified by TÜV, ISO and CE.